About the First Contact

If you are considering working with a counsellor, you can make contact either telephone during office hours or email anytime using the form below.  You do not have to make a commitment when you ring to ask questions.

You can telephone just to introduce yourself.  This first contact conversation is a short one and does not need you to give a full picture.  Usually people email or telephone to find out if there is space or a waiting list or to ask if counselling is suitable for their concern.

Be prepared to give your genuine full name and address and telephone contact number and some basic information as to why you are seeking counselling.  Often people ask if counselling is appropriate for them and if it will be effective.  All information is held confidentially and not disclosed (with some legal exceptions).

You need to decide what time of the day is best for you – morning, afternoon or evening.  Also which day of the week will suit your priorities.  It is usual for clients to stay to the same day and time each week.  Sometimes this can be changed.